Thursday, August 29, 2013

Laughter and Frollicking

The bus arrived at the station at 3:35, right on time. She was late, though, and by an hour. "It was the traffic," she complained, "There was no way I could avoid that..."
"Could have left earlier," he quipped.
By 4:00, they were in a full blown argument in her car. Neither actually yelling, but there were no niceties, either. In fact they argued all the way to the hotel he had rented for the time in town, and they argued all the while he took his bags up, and she stuck right with him as he dumped his clothes on one bed, pulled out a pair of socks, a new pair of speedos, and a brightly colored tee shirt and wandered into the bathroom. She followed him, and between the two, they never stopped arguing. 
The weather was too hot, the weather is OK, the traffic, the timing, the dinner plans, the reservations not made, what they can eat, what they can't eat, when they can eat, just on and on and on about the dumbest things ever.
"I'm low on gas, I have to stop at a station on the way back,"
"Why not just go to Taco Bell with me and get some bean burritos, and you'll have plenty of gas,"
"Why must you always make jokes?"
the air between them never cleared, but then in the bathroom, the huge bathroom with the walk in door, just a small curb to step over, he undressed and stepped into the water. She also undressed, carefully folding her skirt and blouse, but letting her underwear just drop to the ground. And as she stepped into the shower, they stopped and looked at each other...
"We're just old," he commented, then reached his hand out to touch the side of her face. "You're very pretty,"
"mmmm" she hummed, leaning her face into his hand, and then taking it in hers, she pulled it to a breast.
And he gently explored her breast...teasing the nipple a bit, leaning over to kiss it between his fingers... the water splashing on them from both faucets, and then he took the handled shower sprayer in his hand and asked, "what does this do?"...and he flipped a few buttons, and the spray turned into a fine mist, then a single stream, then a vibrating stream of a dozen holes, then a vibrating stream...and when he looked at her, she smiled.
And they didn't argue at all for the next eight days.
But, oh, did they laugh and frolic!

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