Friday, June 26, 2015

A Laughing Afternoon

The sunlight poured down, and yet it was nicely cool. they had gone outside to enjoy the day on the gazebo, brought a pitcher of tea, some breads and a bowl of raisins. He wore jeans and no shirt, she had on a wife beater and panties, but it was a well hidden spot on the property, and anyway, there was the eight foot tall fence between them and the crops, so they both felt safe.
He had been talking to her for about an hour, his hand inadvertently tapping her right knee. Just a light tap, not erotically inclined...more to the beat of a CD as it played quietly in the background. His mind wandered as he searched for joke responses to her questions. They played this game often enough, most times her coming up with a straight line and him testing out various punchlines.
The two laughed more than anyone they had previously dated, and it suited them well. It was a way to battle emotional pains of years past. After a while, he would start coming up with straight lines and she would tickle his funny bone with punchlines. Back and forth they went, and for whatever reason, he suddenly felt a stirring. He was sure it was something she said that got him turning down that new lane. The tapping stopped, and his fingers spread to feel her knee, her thigh, slowly sliding his hand upward till he felt the edge of her panties, and then he followed the fabric softly, slowly, bringing up goosebumps behind his touch.
He looked at her face, her head rocked back some, eyes closed, a low moan emitted from her deepest gut. The warmth around her pussy increasing with every inhale, his fingers becoming more bold, sliding beneath her panties, up to her fur... her sparse, damp fur.
He leaned forward and kissed her there.
"OH!" she opened her eyes suddenly, and while her knees parted, she said, "wait...not now, please. Not just yet,"
He looked into her eyes, and agreed, his hand withdrawing from its forward position. She had the "sad look" she sometimes wore to bend his resolve, and it often worked. This time, it seemed she had won without argument or pushing. But her scent remained on his upper lip, and his own desire was not actually lessening. His shaft remaining strong and upright, pressing against his jeans. She saw it without staring, and easily recognized that he was going "commando" as his head was outlined by the cloth, but dangerously close to his zipper. "That would be painful" she thought, and reached over and put her warm hand on his open shirted chest, and kissed him on his chin. Usually this was enough to suppress his desires, at least temporarily. At first, it did. He seemed to soften, his breathing returned to normal, and she tried a joke...
"The horse went back to the stables, I suppose," she said matter of factually.
"Yes, I suppose so," but for whatever reason, that was all it took to rekindle his desires, his dick getting larger, and straining against the edge of his zipper.
This time, though her hand reached up and unzipped his pants, and as it sprung from within, she brought her other hand up and unbuttoned his fly. The throbbing cock quickly became the focus, and with both her hands, she tugged down at his pants till his legs were in plain view with a tight bag and two balls... his face a twisted example of confusion.
She had just a moment ago said "no" yet now she was undressing him.
She leaned over and ran her tongue along the top of his rod, then back to the tip, and lifting it up, slowly pulled it into her mouth. As she let it slide out, a small droplet appeared at the end of it. He couldn't help himself, "Oh baby... Oh, baaaaayyyybeeee"
Now wet with her spit, she leaned back and stroked it, feeling every rib of his straining dick, her left hand holding his bag, and her eyes staring at it carefully as it throbbed and became rigid. She enjoyed rocking his member up and down, side to side, and bending down every once and a while and kissing it. She was teasing him to become the biggest he had been in a long while, and just when he thought he couldn't take it any more, she stood up and grabbed both sides of his pants and pulled down with a jerk, letting them drop the rest of the way to his ankles, and then she pushed him down onto the floor, and finished taking his pants off without ceremony or smoothness. More like ripped them off, and tossed to the ground. As he laid on his back, she quickly pulled off her panties and stripped off the flimsy wife beater, and got down on her knees holding his thickening rock hard cock in her hand, pouring some kind of oil on him and sliding up and down. She reached beneath him and poked at his butt, "RRR!" he growled.
But hen she leaned forward with her hot mouth, nibbling and pulling his whole self into her throat, his back arched, his toes curled, and in a low guttural sound said "I'm going to cum, baybe. I'm going to cum, baybee!"
And she growled right back at him, crouched above him, guiding his shaft into her waiting hot pussy and sat down on him.
She wiggled left , then right, then up and down like she was trying to hammer him into the ground. Her wet cunt grinding at him, her thighs and upper legs tight and muscular, her back holding her shoulders up straight, her face staring at his, and suddenly they were both banging up against each other, hot liquids from both of them flying up onto his stomach, her hands pressing it around all over his chest, both completely lost in their lusting animal selves. She brought a finger up to her mouth, and with her other hand, brought a finger up to his mouth.
And then they started to slow down some, then some more, and they stared into each other's eyes...

"Wow, baby! So what's the punchline this time?" she asked.
And they laughed and laughed, and they held each other tightly as they wandered into the house where many more noises were heard for the rest of the afternoon.
And much laughter, too.

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  1. That is a beautiful story. Did you do the artwork, too? I could see this as a slim book of passions. You really are a good writer. Helen