Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Foggy Night

She looked at her lover laying on the bed snoring some, but curious about the light coming in the bedroom window.
Odd bit of blue and shimmering silver, she carefully rose from the bed and went to the front door. Max rose when he saw her, and tail wagging, followed her outside. She was glad for the dog to be her companion because she wasn't really familiar with the area, and into the night they walked.
Bathed in a light ethereal as Heaven's clouds, both stood in the coolness of the slight misty fog, the moon, though covered and hiding, lit the entire horizon, the sky, and excited her...She slipped off her robe letting it drop to the ground, naked.
Out in the open and naked.
Oh, the feeling, the sheer freedom. This wasn't like the nudist camp she had visited all those many years back...this was different. No prying eyes, snickers under breath, just...nakedness in the fog.
She ran her finger up her tummy, feeling the cool damp of the mist, and her hand reached down and she touched herself, "ooohhh" a long quiet sigh. She heard the door open and close at the house.
He had awoken and was coming out to her. As naked as she, and blood filled with a smile on his lips.
"You like this, yes?" he asked. She laughed, and reached out to hold that boner of his.
"Oh yes..." she replied, "it isn't what I thought at all."

"I meant being naked out here, "he laughed a small laugh, kissing the back of her neck... 
He stood close behind her, wrapping his arms around her,  hand touching the fur of her fog wet pussy. His finger grazed just the top of her line, teasing a bit. His other hand grasping at her breast, pulling her nipple till it was taught, oh...
Her head back, he kissed her throat, her ears, her cheek, her arm lifting up to hold the back of his head. He slid his hand down to feel the roundness of her now wet line, though still teasingly just grazing the opening, not pressuring in, only gently parting, and he pulled her wetness up to her little button....
"Oh!" she inhaled quickly.
He touched her sweet clit, and it seemed to almost climb out of its warm pouch... slowly massaging it up and down, then his whole palm rub up against her flower, now quite wet...his other hand still grasping her breasts, going from one to the other, both nipples hard, and she could feel the hard cock between her butt cheeks.
He slowly slid down to the ground, kissing and licking her tummy. Then lower, and tasting her nectar, his hands holding  her butt cheeks, his fingers grazing her softness, his tongue sliding the whole length of her line...

 Her hands on his head pulling him into her (it seemed), her eyes loving the night and the stars, her body slowly rocking to his tongue... He pulled at her lightly.
"MMMMmmmm...." she hummed. "But it's wet in the grass,"
He found her hand, and sat down and pulled her gently down onto himself, and whispered, "have of me what you will..." and kissed her fingers each, and with a small bite before the next.
And she crouched down over him, pulling him into her now hungry self, her hot, wet, pussy...
She kissed his chest, then thrust onto him, and rose again, and again kissed him, then thrust.
Driving his rod deeper each thrust, feeling the head of it all the way in then all the way out...her moaning started soft, but rose to a louder pitch...she was happy. No doubt there...
With each thrust her moans became louder, then grunts, then almost short howls...
Her tits were grabbing his hands crazily (or were his hands grabbing her tits?) he lifted his pelvis up to meet her thrusts, his self lost within her, he began groaning, too, and with each thrust they stared at each other, moaning together, grunting together,
"AH!  AH!   AH!   AH!   "

and an explosion of wet, "OMIGOD OMIGOD OH! OH! OH! OH! " hers, his, theirs, she dropped down on him, her knees on the wet cool grass, his arms wrapped around her so tight, it was obvious. They were one. "OH! AH! OH! AH! OH! AH!" 
There was only that one person there...four legs, four arms, two heads, one dick, one pussy, one person. Both wet, and wrapped in each others arms, him kissing her face all over, and when he stopped, she kissed his face! And then Max came by and started licking their feet, and it was so odd, they couldn't stop laughing. He inside of her, and the sensations...
"Baby!" their breathing slowed some, but the moment washed over them like a sudden shower, "Baby!"
Laid there for several minutes, both too happy to move, neither wanting to lose the moment, but then nature took its course and her body started contracting and kicked his weiner out, like a landlord kicks out an errant renter.
They looked at each other and again laughed.

Baby, I thought I was going to split you in half..."
Giggling they got up, and hugged so deeply, naked, skin shining the blue of the night. He picked up her robe...draped it over her shoulders, put his arm inside the robe, around to her butt, and, for whatever reason, touched her little butt hole.
Her cheeks flexed, she grabbed at his butt cheek, and they went inside....
Max stayed on the porch, guarding the door,
and the moans up stairs started again shortly after.

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