Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Campfire on the Riverbank

On a dare on the river bank, she had lit the fire hours ago, and sat there wondering what in the hell she was thinking to stay there all night. The dare was in fun, and food was left ( “good!” ) and even some snacks for late night while in her tent. Max had set up the tent for her, making sure it would withstand the storm coming, he checked it over three or four times till she told him to “Git!” and he did. He always did as he was told.
She felt like a cave woman, now, alone, a fire, and occasional coyotes howling in the distance. She looked at the fire, and thought, “You ARE a cave woman, babe!” and giggled at the thought. She always thought of herself as a softie… easy going, quick to laugh, sometimes too quick to fall for a guy. Max, was, obviously interested, but he was so shy. But he still stood quite tall, and once she remembered seeing him get a hard on. Just glanced, then, until she knew no one could see her looking. And she watched how it strained against his pants…started to say something, and he caught her, and blurted out an apology and made an excuse to leave. Thinking about it, now, all these months later, she suddenly felt warm between her thighs. Babe smiled. It was a pleasant feeling.
As she watched the gray clouds crawling across the sky, her hand had found her zipper, and was scratching up and down on it with her neatly trimmed nails. Into a trance, almost, scratching and enjoying the vibration it made inside. A sudden flash of a thought..”Get naked!” she thought. After all, the camera was there, Babe could get a nice shot (using the timer to fool everyone with) and not reveal who it was, but, knowing that her beautiful curves would light up many faces of fans asking for nude shots. But then, she thought about some of the rude dogs who had written, their idea of what was “fun” not always what she thought would be fun.
“No camera, tonight, ” she said out loud to herself. But her hand still scratched her zipper… and before long, she had slipped out of her clothes and was sitting there naked and goose bumpily clutching her knees with her arms, pressing her breasts against her. Slipping closer to the fire, the warm light fascinated her, the way it danced, sparked, and snapped in the night. Soon she was sitting more open, her legs out in front and her arms behind her as she propped herself close enough to feel the fire, but not too close as to burn. And then her mind reached out and snatched that memory, again. It wasn’t a huge boner Max had..it seemed about normal. But his height being tall gave her reason to think it was… ample. She felt her nipples as they reacted to the cool of the evening air, and Babe leaned forward, bringing a hand to her warm, hot pussy.
As soon as she felt herself, she knew what was going to happen. The memory, the fire, the storm, and being alone on a river bank in the middle of nowhere, it seemed, had brought out an animal from within her…
Cool and gazing at the fire light, although completely her imagination. The scent rose slowly…her hand began grazing her now damp pot from left to right and back, flipping her clitoris as it passed, each time becoming more heated. She stood up… and the right hand slowly followed her line from her clit to her ass, and back as her left hand swirled around her now perky nipples...they stood up so proud, pointy, needy.
A quiet moan, then both hands, each at positions she was most familiar with, but somehow it all seemed different. Eyes wide open, right hand beginning to slide in and the left hand staying focused on her clit…damp became wet, her scent filled her nostrils, she brought her hand up to her breast, and pulled a nipple just a bit. "oh god that feels good she thought, and then… reached up and tasted her fingers, slowly touching a single finger with her tongue, then drawing in the flavor and taste into her hot, open mouth...
Babe tucked her butt out and then thrust against her hand as it returned, only now she openly slipped in two fingers, touched that special spot…then started drumming on the once soft spot now getting harder as she continued.
and then brought up her hand to taste again. As she sniffed her fingers she realized it wasn’t the taste, but rather the scent that drove her along, now. Her body seemingly took some mystic clue from some distant thought, and what began as soft and inquisitive was becoming more dramatic, more energetic. Rhythm came easy for her… She saw the sky, the fire, the shadows from the fire, her memories of Max, and some boyfriend whose name she had forgotten but, wow, did HE ever have a dick. Too big?
“HA!” she laughed.
The sky and fire became one, her hands were in control now…one rolling around her butt cheeks, she kept teasing herself by touching her ass, thrusting her now hot wet pussy forward, then reaching up and pinching her right nipple, then the left and…
The strength of it shook her, she felt … some man, in her mind … Sliding in and out, Hips thrusting against her palm, head pulled back, biting her lower lip, wetting the ground in rhythm to her moans…
She was dancing with excitement, half laughing and half screaming, eyes clamped shut then wider open then clamped shut, then wide open… She wondered if this was going to last forever, when a great gush suddenly squirted down her legs and thighs, a howling laughing "YES" from her lips
The Babe’s breathing slowly pulled back to long healthy gulps of air, and the smile on her face she was sure it was there permanently, now. (of course, she knew better)
But it felt so good… It was some time later when she finally unclasped her trembling pussy lips, finding a towel in her back pack to wipe with, and the first rain drops fell. Max had left a metal trash can with holes cut out on the sides, and she put it over the fire which kept it dry, and then she slipped into her one piece undies (special bought for this very night) and admired the red material.
Slipping into the tent, setting the alarm for four hours when she would throw on more logs on the fire… and a smile came over her lips as she thought about that…and the tent zipped shut.
If you were a coyote that wandered by that night, then you probably sat wondering why the tent rocked some over the night. Probably wondered what the moaning was about. But then you would have grabbed one of the many snack bags left there in the night air, and slipped away into the night.

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