Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Beautiful Spring Day Together

“oh my” she said out loud as Alice stood at the window and looked out at the view.
Bret got up and stood behind her, “what do you see, love?”
“Oh, just this beautiful landscape! Makes me want to paint it.”
He put his arms around her, and, as he was slowly getting wood, she snuggled it between her butt cheeks through her shirt and his sweat pants. She giggled a moment and reached back and held him. oh my, she thought to herself…he really IS getting large. She turned inside his arms and reached down with both hands, one holding the pole and the other holding his bag, toying with each ball…
“mmmmm” she hummed at him, “You wanna?”
Alice slowly slid off her shirt and stood back a moment… and he could see the slight shimmering of damp between her legs. He carried her to the bed, and laid her down gently, and began kissing her toes, her ankles…her legs, rolling her legs outward to expose the pink skin of her inner thighs. One long savoring lick all the way up to her hot, waiting pussy, where he let her fur tease his nose. Kissing her line and probing her small button with his nose made her squirm a bit, and she thrust herself out as much as possible for him to have whatever angle he wanted. This time he seemed to like the soft area of butt cheek just in between her legs, a place even she hadn't felt so very often, and it made her wetter just feeling his lips there.
Her moan was low and sounded like a tiger purring… he pulled her leg up with his hand and felt along the bottom of her butt to the back of her knees, back of her calf, all the way to her ankle and then back down to her butt, even probing  her little asshole with his little finger, now also wet from her hungry self. “OH!” she giggled…
His mouth full over her vagina, his tongue swirling the whole line and around the clit… she began losing her held back feelings… he did that to her a lot. The more he made love to her, the more he excited her, and the more she was willing to open to him. Like now, he started to nibble at her butt cheeks, and way close to her back door, and it was making her wiggle and moan and thrust…Bret held each butt cheek and slowly pulled them apart letting the cool morning air drift into her most deep wanting pot,  and then as he slid slowly up to kiss her breasts and the two hard, pointed nipples, taut with vigor, bursting from their soft mountains, and even though he couldn’t get a whole breast into his mouth, his left hand was large enough to completely wrap around her right breast, as he continued nibbling her left nipple, and then she felt him probe her now wet pot. “DAMN he’s big!” she thought as he slid in so slowly…as if to be sure not to hurt her, give her body a moment to feel itself wrapped around his cock.
They were at it till late in the morning, happily feeling each other grow to excitement, get damp with excitement… an adventure!
And what a great adventure it was!

She got up first and naked, started a skillet for bacon and eggs, he got up still undressed and brought more wood into the house, started a fire in the wood burning stove, then they ate, laughing at silly jokes and looking at each other.
It was turning out to be a beautiful Spring day.

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