Friday, February 1, 2013

A Stampede of Small Neighborhood Animals

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 The photos had been taken, and she put her shirt and long socks on and the photographer asked for one more. “I could pay you an additional $200?” he offered, “But could you take the socks off, please?” he asked, and she slipped them off, thrown to the side where his assistant picked them up and folded them neatly with her panties and jeans.
A big smile, as well as a smile on her face, and he thanked her, his assistant handed her the check for the shoot that day, and they left. When she turned around to finish dressing, she noticed the warmth of the brick wall, its heat both comforting and ample. She stepped back to the wall and leaned against it with her butt… “oooooo. Warm buns” she thought, and gently stroked the wall in grand strokes with her rear.
Aware of the dampness of her flower, she looked around quickly… “no one is watching, anyway…” and her hands parted her cheeks so she could feel the rough bricks on her asshole. Bent way over, there was no doubt now of the feelings within her, her thighs trembling lightly, the damp had gone wet, and a single drop fell to the ground. “aaaaahhhhhhhh……”
In a blur of movement, she was suddenly squatted on the ground, her left hand massaging her “magic button” and her right hand’s fingers deeper, walking her into waves of heat, three fingers, now, making an internal drumming sound in her mind, memories of an older boy friend who once nibbled her inner thighs till she squirted, and he just lapping it up as fast as it came…
Her whole body convulsed with the pleasure of the squirting, now, neither hand giving way, eyes tightly shut, the warm brick on her back, the grass under her feet, the memories dancing in her mind… inner moans are said to be more powerful than the loud moans, but, my guess is, they are equal. Only the louder moans also make those who hear them “hungry” too… At some point, her inner sounds became louder, and closer together, the squirting hit a high point and began winding down, her hands began caressing other parts of her body…she opened her eyes, and what did she see? Several eyes glued to her face.
Squirrels, a rabbit, three or four birds. A fox in the near distance. All just frozen, watching her…  magic?
She quickly dressed, and headed for her car, and before leaving, turned to see if the animals were still there. They were… Short of anything else to say, she rolled the window sown and laughingly stated to them, “Thank you. Thank you. The next show will be in two hours at my home…”
And they all scampered away every so quickly, and for a moment, she almost imagined they WERE running towards her house. The thought made her smile all the way home.

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