Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Is it Reincarnation?

He had grown quite alone over the years, his heart broken in ways indescribable, and by those he had loved as well as total strangers. Sometimes the dark of night seemed to stretch well into the day, so much so that there was occasionally the temptation to just pull the covers over his head and shut his eyes tightly and wait for sleep to overtake his consciousness. But there was always so much more to do, things that just had to be accomplished or the time would come up on him as a shark worries a wounded seal.
Berry had his escapes, though, and one of them was writing. A virtual world if you allow for that as an accurate description, where others had no control over his life or time or wishes. And sure, he knew that it was not a reality per se, but still, there was the nice things of life brought right to him. A way to hold a beautiful woman or kiss her without being slapped for being too forward. Somewhere in the back of his mind he remembered that one who does not risk, does not gain. But in writing, it almost seemed that the risk was a non-entity, and that gain was a given from the very start.
To find a beautiful woman in his arms, and kissing her intimately as if all time had been altered to permit this without question, without ramifications. Even if she were married.
A soft tender kiss starting on her forehead, her cheeks, chin. And then her lips, as they parted to admit his probing tongue, her stronger grasp on him, from a friendly hug to a more amorous idea. A way for her to forget her marriage, if even for a few stolen moments, and reach out herself for a dream she thought of briefly but dismissed years ago as impossible for whatever reason. A return of passion to secret desires kept hidden for so long.
Her return of the kisses led his body down a familiar path, his hands  moving carefully along the contours of her body, and her body moving into his grasp. As he drew her closer to himself, she could feel the bulge at his crotch, and she knew full well the intent, and her hand as curious as his to explore this sudden arrival between them. Almost simultaneously he was undoing her bra as she had undone the front snaps of his suspenders, and his pants slid down as her bra fell to the floor, his face pressed against her left breast, nibbling at her nipple,, his other hand fondling her right breast, kneading it carefully. Her hand grasping his now hard self, and she felt the ribbed member as if it were the first she had ever felt. Straight, not curved at all, and the head a barbed harpoon that she wanted planted within her.
His massive hands peeled away her dress, revealing her breasts in their fullest, her stomach now moving in and out with each breath, and as he dropped to his knees pulling her panties down, ne  looked at her now damp self, intoxicated by the scent, and grabbed both butt cheeks and pulled her to his face. Her hands grabbed his hair, unwilling to let go, and he lifted her up off the ground so easily, mouth exploring her entire hot wet self, and he brought her to the bed where he laid her down, and then he stood up and finished undressing.
Pulling his shrt over his head, and seeing her watching his every movement, then sliding his pants completely off, underwear following, and he stood there for a moment so that she could watch that throbbing thing there, rising and falling...then he slowly laid down on top of her.
She had no idea how he could be so gentle and so firm at the same time, but she didn't care. His kissing her on her face, her mouth, her neck, she could smell herself on his face, and she, to, became excited at his intentions. He entered her wanting flower very slowly, and then slid back out very slowly. He didn't seem as big as she had seen, but then as he slid in again, and slowly, she realized he wasn't completely penetrating her. And as he withdrew, her body pulled back at him, her pussy was grabbing his cock in a way as to not want it to leave. And again, slowly, maddeningly slower than the first two times, into her and only part way, and suddenly her mind said that she was inside of him. The confusion of the moment, but, again, her grasp let go of him slowly...
Was he trying to drive her crazy? What was this strange thing he was doing? She was inside of him even as he was inside of her, only now her body took over. Her hips thrust upwards grabbing him, and she pulled his butt down onto her until she could feel him deeply imbedded within her honey pot, deep into herself, and that head of his arousing parts of her long held silent. She began writhing to and fro, up and down, side to side, and she pushed his chest up to feel that long boney shaft rattle her button with each and every stroke, and faster and faster they moved, deeper and deeper, until both were moving like well tuned machines.
Her moans became louder, and so did his, and for the entire time they sang the ancient song of lust and longing as if they were the very first beings on Earth to enjoy this adventure. Banging against each other furiously until finally they both came, her liquids flying between them and his hot liquids filling her and still they continued... though slowing down some.
Until they found themselves just laying there in their own pools of wetness, and satisfaction.
He kissed her forehead again, and she asked him...
"What's your name, again?"

As if that ever mattered.

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