Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Funny what Turns Some People On...

Under the Apple Tree

 He had awoken very early that morning, the sun still hidden by the Earth. Jason arose quickly and dressed simply in pants and a shirt, his boots, picked up a handful of seeds, and was gone just at first light. His goal was the valley edge where he wanted to plant his seeds, a particularly wonderful apple, sweet and delicious, and for the most part, quite large. He headed straight away to the large hills North and stepped his huge steps in a walk that would have kept others trotting.
He was over six and a half feet tall, and had arms the size of some men's legs, and a back with enough strength to lift a wagon up from the ground long enough to remove a broken wheel, and replace with a new one.
He approached the site he had chosen, and found a large branch, troweled the ground, then carefully laid in the seeds and patted the ground. Smiling, he climbed down a short bank and stripped off his shirt and dropped it into the stream for a moment, then scrambled back up on the road, to his plantings, and squeezed the shirt over the seeds. He imagined the fruit trees he had been planting along the road for years now, and a big smile stretched over his face. The West road should already be sporting some fine apples by now, and he shook his shirt like a whip a few times and put the wet cloth on his back without putting his arms inside the sleeves, and stepped those same large steps towards the West. Grand Mama made some of the best pies with those apples, due in part to their sweetness and in part to their crisp nature. He put his nose to the air and inhaled deeply..."ahhh," he thought. "The apple tree,"
As he wandered through the forest, looking at the trees, the flowers, smelling the smells that rise after a rain, he detected another scent. A new scent. Something flowery, but unfamiliar to him. Fresh and interesting, though, and as he drew closer to the tree he wanted, it became even stronger... As he came around a bend in the road, he looked across a grassy meadow and saw a woman standing by the apple tree, standing up on her tippy toes, stretched out to her entire length, and swatting at the apples with a walking stick, but completely missing the fruit.
"Damn!" she exclaimed.
And he answered out of helpful habit, "what's wrong?"
"Oh!" she gasped, then turned around to face him. She pointed her walking stick at him as if it were a sword.
"Can I help you, mam?" he asked. He looked at her pretty dress, light cotton, and seemed to be near transluscent for he could easily see her small underwear, and that she wore no bra at all.
"What are you looking at?" she demanded.
He stammered a moment, and she realized he was harmless. One can tell these things, you know. "I thought you needed help, mam," and started to turn, walk away.
"Wait," she demanded. "Come here," as if he were a dog, but he came right up to her, and stood quietly, looking into her eyes instead of staring at her breasts. She liked that. She pointed up with her stick, "Pick me a few of those apples"
"Those?" he asked, reaching up and touching the small  group of apples she had pointed at,
"Yes!" she demanded.
"Ok, mam," he started to reach up, "but the apples on the other side of the tree are much better,"
She tapped his arm, and said, "Wait. How do you know this?"
He explained how it had been he that planted the seeds any years ago, How he had nurtured the tree from a small plant, chose the strongest of the small group of three, and then spoke of his family, how his Grand Mama was the chef at the local restaurant, and made desserts fit for a King.
"I know this place," she said. "We have eaten there often, my Father and I"
He looked up and reached, carefully snapping a small branch of apples and handed them to her. "Here you go, miss"
She held the apples for a moment, then pulled one from the branch and bit into it. Her eyes spoke clearly the wonderful flavor she had in her mouth, the sweetness dribbling down both sides of her mouth, along her neck, and down the front of her dress. He followed the lazy drips with his eyes, then looked back at her eyes, and they were ablaze at his stare.
"Sorry mam. They are beautiful breasts and I could not avoid looking at them," he stammered.
She looked him straight in the eye and demanded him to get down on his knees.He did so immediately, "yes mam," he answered her.
She began pulling up her dress, exposing first her thighs, and the small underwear she wore. "Kiss me," she said.
He was a bit confused, though, as she had raised her dress to just above her pantyline, but, even on his knees, he was easily eye level with her breasts.
"Kiss me!" she was more demanding this time.
So, he reached over and gently pushed up her dress, exposing her tummy. he leaned down to kiss her belly. He continued raising her dress slowly till her breasts came into view, her nipples beginning to stand a bit more erect, their pink tones hardening, he kissed first the left, then the right.
She pulled off her dress over her head and tossed it behind her, and pulled his huge head into her cleavage. He kissed and fondled her till the nipples stood erect, hard, standing on her rising orbs. He looked up at her face, her head began tilting back.
He began kissing lower then, first her belly and belly button, then sat down on the ground and pulling her closer, slid her small panties down to her knees and began kissing her warm pussy, slowly probing her line till he found her button. He teased it with his tongue and then gently reached his hand up, first one finger, then two, straight up into her and curved his fingers towards his face and she let out the most satisfied moan he had ever heard.
He raised his other hand to her buttocks which wee flexing against his face, and spreading his hand apart easily covered half of each cheek. He allowed his small finger to brush against her little butt hole, which really animated her, and he tested the muscle around that pink spot...and slowly slid his finger in just a bit... not forcibly, but firmly, and she grabbed his hair with both hands as if to pull his whole face into her honey pot, "YES!" ahe yelled, "YES! YES!"
And she came, wetting his face, his chest, and she never stopped calling out to him, "YES! YES!" and then she slid down from her perch in the clouds, down from the top of the trees, down, right down to his lap, and let herself just revel in the liquids that had flowed so readily onto him...

She went almost limp in his strong arms, then suddenly stood up.
"Ahhhh" she said, as she stepped forward, "do you know who I am?"
He shook his head.
"I am the Princess of this land, and the baron owns it all, including me," and she looked at him.
He was blank of expression. "You must not tell anyone of what we've done," she said, reaching down to pick up her stick.

Only then did she realize her dress had landed in the creek below them, "Damn!"

He removed his shirt and handed it to her, which she snatched from his hand. She told him again, "You can tell nobody! Ever," quite sternly.
He nodded as he watched her walk away down the road, his shirt in her hand.
She had gone about twenty meters and turned to look at him.... then stepped quickly into the distance and was gone.
He stood there still watching her soft butt, her smooth legs, smelling her scent on the hair on his chest, and he had an erection... but he smiled a great smile.
"I met a Princess, today!"
He meandered home ever so slowly, stopping at the pond to rinse himself off, but then changed his mind. The scent of a woman was quite enjoyable to him, so he decided to keep it.
For a while.

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